Research & Development

Our Expert Engineers:

At Sky Tech Worldwide, Inc.’s corporate headquarter in Taipei, we have a team of 40 electrical and mechanical engineers that are dedicated to design both common and advanced products for the marketplace. Their proficiency gives Sky Tech the advantage to create accessory products for mobile phones, televisions, game consoles, PC's, and tablets.  Our extensive experience benefits our customers because we identify potential problems and develop solutions before project execution begins – saving time, money, and resources. Our innovation has resulted in Sky Tech holding US and international design as well as technical patents.


Our Machinery:

Sky Tech Worldwide manufacturing uses the latest state-of-the-art equipment to ensure all products meets manufacturing standards. Prototypes and samples are designed and produced in-house using latest Precision Electrical Discharge Machining, PEDM and Computer Numerical Control, CNC, machines.  Our customers benefit by saving time and money.


Our Specialized Services:

Forever striving to exceed even the highest customer expectations, Sky Tech Worldwide introduces a modular range of first-class specialized services bringing you end-to-end solutions including design, manufacturing, and supply chain systems.  We meet our customers’ needs with efficiencies, innovative design, high production levels, and a strong logistics team.  Sky Tech Worldwide, Inc. is EDI compliant and effectively manages special shipping and packaging needs.